Updates and more Updates!

Hi Everyone, 


I've been MIA for a long while, and I do apologize for that. I've been working really hard on a few projects im excited to share with you. There have been many comments in my inbox about Naked News and how my fans miss me on the show... well don't worry, i still plan on having an online presence with my OWN show which i am calling LIFE UNCOVERED with Kate Maxx. I will be 'uncovering' all kinds of things about life from sexy lifestyle, to new sex toys and even some more sfw topics!! My goal is to have all my new experiences shared with you, my audience. Because it is my own show i will have the freedom to cover anything I want without censorship. This is a really exciting venture and I hope you'll join me. I'll be posting all my videos here on my site so my members will always get access! 

PODCAST! Yes i have been getting into podcasting, I've been invited on quite a few shows lately! Like the Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David and Cannacast with Dean Blundell. My partner and I have started the Long Distance Lifestyle Podcast which covers all the ups and downs of living apart, everyday relationship issues and ideas and tips on how to keep things spicy and how to stay connected. 

 Lots coming soon to share with you and I can't wait!! 


In the mean time check my events for my BC tour dates and Feature shows at the Brass rail in Toronto!!