Dogs or cats?

Dogs, 100% !
I've always had a dog in my life in one way or another and I just prefer not to sneeze my face off all the time (cats make me die lol)

Do you post your show dates ?

YES! All of my stage shows and bookings at various events are all updated to my calender, here on KateMaxx.com .
It's the best way to see where I'll be during the year and where to find me!

Is the content here the same as onlyfans?

I am very careful to keep the content seperate. Once in a while one or two pics from the full photosets here will be posted to my only fans, but the content is very different. My site gives you access to where to see me live, when i will be on mfc, which clubs i will be at, new full x...

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What can I expect from Katemaxx.com

On my site you will find a variety of Kate Maxx related things. I keep myself busy with so many things, i found having my own site was the best way to pool all my content and info together to make life a little easier. Here you will find my feature dancer tour schedule, news, full X rated photo...

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