I am deeply saddened to announce that I will NOT be attending YSW in March. 

I will miss all my party friends at the event and hope you have a blast!


Instead I will be booking more dates for my stripper tour. Looking at BC, MB, ON and possibly AB this year! And hopefully the states as well. I need to do a bit of research first! I'll post up my club bookings in the events section once they've been confirmed! I seriously LOVE being a showgirl so much that i'm actually thrilled to have the time to book a few more weeks on stage! I have a brand new Harry Potter magical school drop out show in the works. Got a bunch of new LED gadgets, and I finally have my own cape! I do also plan on going live on MFC more often, I know I keep saying this but I really want to try giving it another shot! I still plan on showing up at naked news once in a while when I fly back to Toronto to work at the Brass rail but as many of you have guessed it is no longer my main focus. I can answer any questions you may have surrounding the topic, just tweet them to me @kate_maxx_ 



I love Hedo and I love being there, so I am considering doing this week. I'm just not sure how ready i'll be after backpacking thailand lol.