Off to South America!!

Hey everyone!!


Hope you've all had a great week and have been enjoying your cyber monday purchases! I'll be heading off to Brazil this friday, but don't worry I won't leave you hanging! I have my onlyfans set up to post new sexy content for you every other day while I'm away along with any nudie pics i can get away with taking while I am away will be shared. 

I've noticed much of my fanbase if from Brazil so I do hope to meet some of my fans in person while I am down there. 

I will be attending a wedding in Argentina so I may be absent on social media for a day or two at a time but don't worry I'll always be back. 


Hope you'll follow my adventures south of the equator on social media and onlyfans!



xo Kate



photo cred Aubzilla Productions

as seen in Badd, Vizual, Nuvu, Fuse and Sour mag