Well it's been a while. I've been away for most of this year in Thailand. 

Questions is get asked the most, i figured i'd just answer them here. 


Am I Thai?

I am not Thai, I am a Canadian born Chinese person. I just love to travel and Thailand is a great place for backpacking and exploring.


Did you go there for Naked News?

No. Thailand is fairly modest when it comes to nudity and I do try to respect other countries laws and customs while travelling. 


Is there XXX content from your trip available?

OF COURSE! I respect other countries rules and customs but I'm not going to go a couple MONTHS without being my debaucherous self! You can find all my XXX vids and pics, including my signature move "the clam slam" butt nekkid in Bangkok as well as shower mabte, sleep sex scenes and much more! Check out my onlyfans page for all that and more! 



Will you be doing your snapchat again this year?

Snapchat is a huge commitment and I'd love to start doing it again I plan to start again when I cam again later this year. 


Will you be touring in America or anywhere other than Canada this year?

As of right now I do plan on touring Canada over the summer time, it's a great way to explore a new province that i've never lived in before. There are a few clubs I have my eye on in the states and Australia. Just figuring out visas and the legal side of things and how to get that ball rolling. If anyone has any requests for clubs in the USA or Australia hit me up!! 



So things are back to normal now as i sit here recovering from recent leg surgery. I'll be moving to a new place in May, sans roomie so I'll have more freedom to hop on MFC again! 

Hope everyone had a great start to their year!